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of a lack of space. officials at the centers for disease control and prevention in atlanta report flu has killed 18 children through the end of last year. that number they say is almost certainly gone up. and the current number of flu cases already matches the peak of many previous years. this time scientists say the worst of the flu season is likely to come. the city of boston declared a public health emergency because the mayor reported some 700 confirmed flu cases in boston alone compared to just 70 during the last flu season. now, the city will offer free flu shots and health officials today urged it is not too late to protect yourself. >> there is is plenty of flu vaccine and people can get it at clinics. local boards of health. pharmacies are well-stocked with vaccine and of course your healthcare provider. >> shepard: eastern pennsylvania, teams have set up temporary flu clinic inside these outdoor tents cut down waiting time in the emergency room. in the chicago area some hospitals went into bypass mode meaning they asked paramedics to other facilities if they could do so safely.
. there are reports of twisters there could be more to come they tell us. georgia, north and west of atlanta. that tornado overturned cars and tractor trailers. flattened houses and trees. no warning sirens or nothing. as we were running in, he jumps in and my son dives on me. and i get pulled out the side of the house. and i was hanging out and his legs from trapped. and he had ahold of me. if it wasn't for that i wouldn't be here but my son held on to me. >> shepard: if you know that area where the twister meets u.s. high 40. a large factory there demolished. rick reichmuth with more on the weather and where it is going. jonathan serrie live in aday or soville, -- adairsville. >> 60 miles to the northwest of atlanta. a major problem that they are dealing with is restoring electricity. it is still out, including in this area where i am. the only lights are those brought by all of the various tv crews and because of all the debris, it's taken a while for authorities to clear the roads so utility trucks can get into these areas. for several hours today, i-75, a major thoroughfare between atla
an epidemic. that's the word from the feds today. the centers for disease control and prevention in atlanta is now reporting the flu is widespread across 47 states. one school is using high powered screen clearance to disinfect classrooms or staffers there that it cuts the cleaning time for one room from four hours to just 45 minutes. a district in oklahoma cancelled all classes today. officials say one quarter of all students there are out with the flu. the feds say that the epidemic has killed 20 children, at least across the country. they tell us they don't have a count of how many adults may have died. but the cdc estimates flu kills an average of 24,000 people a year. health experts say it's too soon to predict whether this year will be above average, but it certainly started way early. jonathan serrie is live in atlanta, home to the cdc. any word on an end to this? it sounds like it's getting better down south. >> well, you know, that's the strange thing. although flu is widespread in most states, there are early reports suggesting that flu activity may actually be decreasing in some
dangerous and potentially deadly. john roberts in our atlanta newsroom tonight. home of the cdc. hey, john. >> geographic to you, shep. those numbers particularly among high school girls are very troubling. believe it or not it gets worse as the get older. one in five figure for high school girls. by the time they get into college and working world. that number increases in one in four. the heaviest drinkers tend to be white women followed by hispanic women and as they get into the working world, they have more disposable enemy, more money to buy alcohol. the heaviest drinkers tend to have an income of $75,000 and above. now, all of this as can you imagine has serious potential health consequences. accord to the cdc, 12,000 young women die every year from binge drinking. and there are plenty of other things besides death disease-related to worry about according to dr. tom freidman who is the head of the cdc. here is what he tell me. >> when men and women binge drink they are more likely to have particular problems for girls. unintended pregnancy, sexually transmitted infections, violence,
. jonathan serrie more live tonight in atlanta. home of the cdc. what else there are officials saying tonight. jonathan? >> hi, bill. even though they are still getting reports of spotty vaccine shortages. cdc officials say doctors who run out of vaccine it's not too late for them to order more. manufacturers now believe that they will have produced a total of 145 million doses of flu vaccine over the course of this season. that's 10 million more doses than their previous estimate. you should still be able to get threw shots although you may have to call several places before you find a pharmacy or doctor's office that's fully stocked. bill? >> they say we are likely half way through this thing; is that right? >> that is right. that is because a typical flu season lasts around 12 weeks. we are around the half way mark. flu activity is showing signs it's beginning to decline this season. however, experts say flu related hospitalizations may continue to increase over the next week we are sighing high hospital rate. for laboratory proven flu it's 82 per 100,000 people 65 years of age and older.
atlanta down through florida. temps still looking good. back behind this very very cold air. that's where we have been seeing these storms stalled frontal boundary and impulses move along it freezing rain yesterday. that freezing rain down across the south brought snow today in across parts of the northeast. and we're still going to deal with the tail end of this across parts of the northeast. but, unfortunately, still some more mess here of rain and a little bit of snow for the overnight hours from this storm, shep? bill? >> bill: you are still wick to me. >> right. >> bill: we mentioned earlier this is round two for them. round one is is happening right now, right? >> next storm sorry about that bill, we will get it right, bill. this is what we have got. next and last impulse is going to move in here. this is one that might be a little more fun for people. we had all of this ice across the south. causing very dangerous conditions. this one i think we are going to be talking about a little bit of snow. places down across parts of the south. new orleans and a lot of mississippi, get up ea
to the south and east. no snow really for the atlanta area. the north georgia mountains will pick up some much the rain in some areas will change to snow as we talk about the northeasterly wind that will come down and drop those colder temperatures across the area. how much snow are we talking about? again, we have mentioned about alabama and mississippi already getting three inches of snow there. some areas even higher up in the winston county, northern parts of alabama. four inches of snow there. three to six inches. swated of western carolina southern virginia includes richmond area. the bigger snows in the higher terrain southwest virginia and extend into the smokies and it looks like again that will continue on into early tomorrow. can't evenliminate southern new jersey. could be 1 to 4 inches of snow in the extreme southern part of that state and dusting over eastern long island. if you don't like the weather, wait a little bit, look at the warm-up coming tomorrow to the southeast. back into the 50s so a quick meltdown, another surge of artic air invades the country though this weekend.
during commemorative service at ebenezer baptist church in atlanta. here in d.c., the nation's first african-american president paused today at the statue of dr. king in the cap fall row it ungra dra. earlier he had taken the oath of office using two bibles. one of which belonged to the civil rights leader. the other belonged to president abraham lincoln. president obama made history today as the first president ever to speak about gay rights at an inauguration. and he did so by comparing the struggles of gay americans to what women and people of color have endured over the years. james rosen live in our d.c. newsroom with more on this. hey, james. >> shep, good evening. with this pivotal address president obama effectively positioned himself as more than just a president or chief executive. he appeared at time to be seizing the mantel of the civil rights leader whose birthday was observed as a federal holiday today. the reverend doctor martin luther king jr. >> we, the people, declare today that the most evident of truths that all of us are created equal. is the star that guides us
than men are. and it's getting worse, shep. >> shepard: john roberts in atlanta. john, thanks. a massive fire rips through historic building on a college campus and that tops our news around the world in 80 seconds. turkey, the fire broke out last night at mansion on the boston strait in the capital city of istanbul. crews fought the flames from boats on the waterway. the build something now part of the university. no students inside at the time. officials say all faculty members got out safely and that an electrical fault like started the fire. greece, two separate crashes a few hundred yards apart triggered a deadly 28-car pileup on a highway in the north. at least one person died. more than 20 others hurt. officials say dense fog could be to blame. russia. dash cam video captured an elk dodging traffic as it tried to cross one of the country's busiest roads in moscow. you can seat animals slip and fall on the icy highway right in front of a moving vehicle. the elk got up and kept running alongside cars before apparently finding its way off the road. sing apoor. thousands of
Search Results 0 to 12 of about 13 (some duplicates have been removed)

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